Board Leadership

Our group works to be a wealth of information to you the consumer, the family member, the friends and relatives of those dealing with day-to-day issues of living with a mental illness.

NAMI Valley of the Sun, Board of Directors

Lenore Barrientos President
Alisa Randall Vice-President
Stephen Loonam Treasurer
Monica Alonzo Secretary
Dale Parish Director
Natalie Summit Director
Abraham Alirez Director
Jennifer Garcia Director
Elizabeth Rock Director
Joshua Sprunger Director


General Statement of Responsibility: The Board of Directors has legal responsibility for all activities of NAMI Valley of the Sun. They are responsible for determining agency policy in human resources, planning, finance, community relations, and organizational operations.

Specific Responsibilities:

Planning, financial resources, human resources, and community relations

Minimal Job Requirements:

1: Attend at least 70% of the Board of Directors meetings.
2: Serve on at least one committee of the board.
3: Ensure that the organization’s administrative systems, board operations, and organizational structure are adequate and appropriate.
4: Participate in and financially support ongoing fundraising programs.

Knowledge/Skills Required:

1: A demonstrated interest in the organization’s mission and goals.
2: Specific knowledge/experience in, and willingness to offer assistance in at least one of the following areas: not-for-profit organization management, human resources management, strategic or operational planning, finance, accounting, law, funds development, community relations, lived experience of supporting someone with a mental illness or managing a mental illness.
3: A willingness to expand knowledge of board responsibilities through orientation and ongoing education. Willingness and ability to donate six to ten hours a month to the organization by preparing for and attending board and committee meetings and assisting in the execution of board-authorized activities.

If you have any additional questions, please contact NAMI Valley of the Sun Board President, Lenore Barrientos at or 602-244-8166